About Us

At CulinaryCareer.Net, our primary focus is to provide the most up-to-date data to enable you to make the most informed decisions regarding your culinary career. From the basic profiles of common – and not so common – culinary careers, to an exhaustive list of culinary degree and certificate granting institutions across the country, we have everything you need in one location.

If you are looking for basic information, we have profiles of many different types of culinary positions, both in and out of the kitchen. There are lists of resources, apps and profiles of careers you may not have even known existed. We include an honest evaluation of each role, including what you can expect for a work environment, career outlooks, current job market saturation and realistic salaries. Perhaps you are wondering if you can afford culinary school, or are seeking financial aid – we have evaluations, comparisons and even lists of culinary specific scholarships available. If you decide higher education is for you, we have detailed information on many of the popular culinary institutions, as well of some of the lesser known (but high quality) colleges and universities. We can even provide some tips and tricks to help you along the way.

It’s our goal to provide you with comprehensive, accurate information so you can make informed life choices, regardless of your age or life situation.