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10 Things about Working in Culinary Your Chef Wants You To Know

10 Things about Working in Culinary Your Chef Wants You To Know

You are not a chef until you have earned the employment title In spite of the multitude of television shows, competitions and that little piece of paper you received after graduating, you are not...

Keep calm and cook on

Top ten reasons why you should attend culinary school

There’s been a debate for a few years discussing the pros and cons of culinary school attendance. Many chefs have attended institutions of higher learning like the Culinary Institute of America and Johnson &...

Restaurant Manager

How to Make the Perfect Restaurant Manager Resume

One of the most essential employees in any workplace is the manager. They are the one who ensures that the staff are working correctly and to their best abilities, monitors and improves sales while...

5 Laws That Anyone Working in Culinary Should Know

1. Food safety & sanitation laws 2. ADA laws   3. Anti-Discrimination laws 4. Hiring and employment law 5. Contract law

Culinary Internships

How Culinary Internships Can Get You a Job

Most culinary students have grand ideas and stars in their eyes when it comes to their expectations upon graduation. Some dream of working at Michelin-starred restaurants with 3 year wait lists such as Spago,...

Choose a Cooking School

How to Choose a Cooking School

If you have decided to pursue a degree in the culinary arts, you’ll need to pick a school – a sometimes overwhelming task, given the options. How do you pick the one that’s best...

Reasons To Love Culinary School

15 Undeniable Reasons To Love Culinary School

Focus on your future Culinary school means you are following your dream and focusing on what’s important to you. You have a plan, and you are working toward your goal. What could be more...

What NOT to do

What NOT to do at cooking school

There are many reasons you might choose to go to cooking school. Culinary school can be expensive, so it’s important to get the most from your time. Here are some suggestions on what not...


10 Best Mobile Apps For Culinary Students

How To Cook Everything This app is from NYT columnist Mark Bittman. How to Cook Filled with simple, candid explanations of techniques and well-photographed recipes, this app is really a class for the self-starting...

Culinary Reources

11 Resources That Will Make You A Better Culinary Student

1. Workplace training and experience This may seem obvious, but the best resource you have available is to work in an active kitchen under a team of solid cooks and chefs. Start off bussing...