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Auguste Escoffier

Auguste Escoffier

Auguste Escoffier, born on October 28th, 1846 in the small village of Villeneuve Loubet in Southern France, is best known as a culinary writer and French chef who revolutionized numerous French cooking techniques and...

Culinary professional development classes

Beyond Culinary School – Professional Development

You’ve finished culinary school and hold your degree. Maybe you’ve managed to get and hold a decent job in a busy kitchen. Why do you need to keep taking more classes? Professional development classes...

Back to Culinary School

Back to Culinary School – Attending Culinary School Later in Life

A common question that often arises is from potential students who wonder if it’s too late to attend culinary school, if you are over ‘a certain age’. The short answer is no – definitely...

Pros and cons of culinary school

The biggest problems with culinary school, and how to avoid them

The pros and cons of culinary school are discussed, argued and hashed out by chefs, cooks, culinarians and bloggers. You don’t need to go to school. You do need to go to school. It’s...

Cooking Schools

How is a Culinary College Different from Cooking School?

The primary difference between a culinary college or institute and cooking school is not just about the degree you get upon completion; it’s also the education you receive while you are in school. While...

Programs Available At Culinary Colleges

Degrees vs Certificates In order to understand all your options for a career in the culinary arts, you first need to understand the levels of education. There are a wide variety of schools that...

Online Culinary Schools

Online Culinary Schools – What You Really Learn

With the relatively recent fascination with cooking channels, food bloggers and video instruction, some culinary schools have developed online curricula – some partially online and some are all online (no classroom/hands-on education at all)....