10 Best Mobile Apps For Culinary Students

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  1. How To Cook Everything

This app is from NYT columnist Mark Bittman. How to Cook Filled with simple, candid explanations of techniques and well-photographed recipes, this app is really a class for the self-starting chef or culinarian. You can bookmark items, take your own notes and even share recipes with family or friends via social media venues.

  1. Kitchen Timer

A simple timer function for when you are cooking. It allows you to set multiple times – as many as you want or need, and name them. So, when you are cooking Thanksgiving dinner for sixteen, you can set timers for each of your sides, plus the turkey and the dessert. And maybe even one for the time that Aunt Doris is due to arrive. A must-have for any chef, but especially for culinary students who rely on being able to hear 12 timers over the normal kitchen sounds and communications.

  1. Escoffier Cooks Companion

Escoffier Cooks Companion is pretty much a resource for any cooking question you might have as you are working. Want to know how and when baby carrots are harvested? They have that information. Curious as to what other vegetable mixes well with them? They have that too. Of course, in addition to proper preparation and service. Filled with everything you could ever want to know about cooking, foods and tools. If you can only get one application, this is absolutely the one.

  1. BigOven

BigOven is the granddaddy of all recipe apps. With over 350,000 recipes, you’re sure to find something to make for that special (or not so special) day. In addition, you can build your own recipe store and add items to a grocery list that goes with you everywhere you go. No more frustrations because you forgot your list at home or desperately searching the internet trying to find that recipe again. Beautiful images, well organized topics and heading and some pretty succulent recipes. The sheer number alone means you will be trying new recipes for the next thirty years.

  1. GoJee

This is one of the neatest apps on the market – especially for a struggling culinary student. One of the greatest challenges for students is how to make a great (and gourmet) recipe when you only have five ingredients in your refrigerator and pantry. In comes GoJee – you enter your ingredients, and GoJee scours the web for recipes that you can use. How cool is that? It will give you a good start to learning how to cook with what you have on hand – a skill valued in the modern culinary arena.

  1. Culinary Fundamentals

CF is more of an educational app than most others. There are well over 260 videos that teach you everything you need to know from precision cuts to seafood prep. Culinary Fundamentals is more of a culinary school application, and a great way to supplement your training – especially if you could use some tutoring.

  1. Epicurious

Epicurious is a longstanding gourmet recipe site. A solid, well-rounded site, they offer everything from recipes, how-tos and videos to a cutting edge, heavily involved community. One of the best parts of this site is the feedback from a community of active chefs and real-world cooks. Sometimes they will even offer ideas that help bring your recipe up a notch, or suggest a product or ingredient you hadn’t heard of before.

  1. Herb & Spice Helper

A staple for the inexperienced cooking student or home cook. Not sure what herbs and spices to use with your meal? This app can help! Herb and Spice Helper lets you mix and match meals to help you align the cooking style and ingredients from your kitchen. And a bonus – all of the herbs and spices list alternatives and substitutions, so if you run out of basil, it’s a much quicker fix. (It’s thyme and/or oregano, in case you were wondering).

  1. All the Cooks

All the Cooks is an online community of just that – all the other cooks out there in the world. Our favorite part of this app allows users to tag which recipe was the inspiration for their own version, so you can track the genealogy of a recipe. All of the recipes are from real home cooks, with photos and notes to accompany them. Community feedback is relative and important, and some great tips are had across the discussions.

    1. OpenTable

OpenTable is a reservation app. It allows you to search for available reservations across a wide variety of restaurants, and to make them online. In addition, you can check photos of their meals, read reviews in real time and even check the most recent menu. A must for culinary students who are exploring different styles of cooking at restaurants in their area, or even when on vacation.

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