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Lodging Manager

Hospitality Manager Job Description

A hospitality manager is a supervisor of operations at a hotel, restaurant, casino or convention center. They are primarily responsible for the day-to-day operations, including personnel, maintenance, customer satisfaction and financial and administrative duties....


Caterer Job Description

Profile of a Caterer A caterer is a chef who provides food services at a third party site, such as a wedding venue, function hall, meetings or other events. Caterers work for restaurants, food...

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Manager Job Description

Restaurant managers are primarily responsible for making sure that the restaurant operates efficiently and profitably, maintaining its focus and reputation, while providing the best possible experience for its clientele. It’s a tall order for...

A sous chef

Profile of a Sous Chef

Sous Chef Job Description In French, the term ‘sous’ means ‘second’. In a kitchen, the sous chef is the second in command and plays an important and vital role in the kitchen brigade and...


Profile of a Baker

Baker Job Description The work of a baker involves mixing and baking ingredients to create breads, pastries and many other baked goods. It’s slightly different than the role of a pastry chef, which tends...

Pastry Chef

Profile of a Pastry Chef

Pastry Chef Job Description A pastry chef, also known as a ‘Patissier’ or ‘Patissiere’, is specialized culinary chef who is well-trained in making pastries, breads, desserts and other baked goods. Pastry chefs work in...