No More Searching: Here’s Where You Can Easily Find Buttermilk Near You

Where to buy buttermilk

Are you looking for places where you can get buttermilk? It is a fermented dairy drink that is traditionally made by churning butter from cultured cream. This blog post will help guide readers to the best sources available to purchase buttermilk, including online retailers and local stores near them.

So, let’s explore some of the options and find out where you can buy buttermilk!

Key Takeaways

  • Buttermilk can be found in the refrigerated foods section or dairy aisle of grocery stores, Walmart and Target.
  • Online retailers such as Instacart and Amazon also stock buttermilk products with discounts or special offers when purchasing certain brands or quantities.
  • Be sure to always compare prices between different locations for the best deals, and look out for discounted offers on dairy products through Walmart+ apps such as Grocery and Cartwheel.
  • Check manufacturer websites for sales and promotions that can be redeemed while shopping in-store or online to get further savings.

Where to Buy Buttermilk

Buttermilk can be found in the refrigerated foods section or dairy aisle of your local grocery store, Walmart, Target, and online retailers such as Instacart or Amazon.

Grocery stores (Refrigerated foods or dairy section)

Buttermilk is a popular culinary ingredient often found in the refrigerated foods or dairy section of the grocery store. This location is typically near other milk varieties, such as regular cow’s milk, soy milk, and chocolate milk.

Additionally, it is sometimes referred to as “cultured buttermilk” in this area of the store. Buttermilk can come in liquid or powdered form and is created by adding a bacterial culture to low-fat milk to create its tangy flavor that many chefs seek out for their recipes—such as chicken dishes and cakes.

Different brands will provide different flavors, such as light creaminess or extra tartness, ensuring customers have plenty of options while purchasing. However, always keep an eye out for discounts or special offers when buying buttermilk to ensure the best deals without compromising on quality!


Walmart is a popular retailer for buttermilk shoppers. The store offers Great Value 1% Low Fat Cultured Buttermilk, priced at just $1.38 for 32 fl oz. Additionally, Walmart carries Continental Mills’ Great Value Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix, though it has been recalled due to possible foreign material contamination.

Other grocery stores stock buttermilk in the refrigerated dairy aisle next to milk and cream products; however, customers may find more selection or better deals by shopping online.

With Walmart+, customers can order and receive fresh groceries with same-day delivery services or choose pickup options for their orders – perfect for busy households! Plus, Walmart accepts SNAP EBT cards, so those who qualify have access to discounted prices too! For added convenience, there is also the Grocery app which allows customers to easily order items from home and have them loaded into their vehicles by friendly associates at pick-up time — making buying buttermilk as stress-free as possible!


Target is a popular and convenient option for purchasing buttermilk. As one of the leading stores in the US, Target offers its customers a wide selection of buttermilk products at great prices.

From shelf-stable cartons to cold refrigerated containers, plus all sorts of flavors such as plain or vanilla spiked with honey – they have something to suit every taste. Additionally, discounts can be found on certain products when shopping at Target; their Cartwheel app often includes special deals on dairy products like buttermilk! With over 100 physical locations across the US and an extensive online collection available through Instacart, customers can rest assured that no matter where they are located, there will likely be a nearby store stocking up their favorite type of buttermilk.

Online retailers (Instacart, Amazon)

Before making a purchase at your chosen store, it’s important that you conduct background research about its availability regarding Buttermilk stocks. You can find Buttermilk in grocery stores typically stocked in their refrigerated foods section or dairy section and sometimes within other popular retail locations such as Walmart and Target too! Alternatively, though: if they’re out at your preferred store, you can also purchase them via online retailers like Instacart or Amazon. When it comes to buying buttermilk, comparing prices at various stores and finding discounts or special offers are important steps in getting the best deal. Useful resources like Buttermilk Eatery LLC can provide information on suppliers as well as unique recipes using this cultured ingredient. For a flavor-packed twist on classic dishes. Try LaRosas’ Restaurants’ specialty pizzas with tangy ranch made from buttermilk! The USDA website is an additional source of guidance regarding dairy products and price variances due to interregional differences.

Ultimately while supermarkets may offer convenience, it’s worth exploring smaller natural food stores which typically use traditional butter-making methods incorporating fermentation of low-fat milk with bacteria to create higher-quality buttermilk options. In conclusion, do your research to ensure you’re finding top-notch quality without breaking the bank when purchasing buttermilk. By comparing prices carefully and considering available discounts or promotions alongside information from helpful resources such as Buttermilk Eatery LLC . You’ll be able to enjoy superior taste experiences without sacrificing affordability or accessibility.