Where To Buy Lady Fingers

Lady Fingers

Trying to figure out where you can buy lady fingers for your next sweet treat? Lady fingers are delicious Italian cookies, usually made from flour, egg whites, and sugar. This blog post will discuss the different places you can purchase lady fingers – both in-store and online – plus provide a few alternative options if your local stores don’t have what you’re looking for.

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  • Popular grocery stores, including Walmart, Safeway, Raley’s, and Trader Joe’s, provide Lady Fingers ideal for use in desserts like tiramisu.
  • Online retailers such as Amazon and Umi Kitchen stock a wide selection of pre-packaged lady fingers with free shipping over $35.
  • Pound cake or sponge cake are great substitutes for lady’s fingers used while making Italian cuisine at home.
  • Traditional Italian Sponge Cookies made out of bleached enriched flour, sugar, water, and whole eggs baking powder can be found at Whole Foods Market in 7 oz packages/containers.

Where to Buy Lady Fingers

You can easily find lady fingers in most grocery stores, including Walmart, Safeway, Raley’s and Trader Joe’s. Additionally, you can also buy them from Whole Foods.


Walmart is renowned for offering competitively priced items, and that includes lady fingers too! Whether you want to shop in-store or online, customers can find Lady Fingers Private Chef & Catering Service’s Mont Blanc Savoiardi biscuits at a low price.

With Walmart.com providing easy-to-navigate product listings with detailed information about each item, shoppers have the convenience of checking out current prices and ordering their groceries from home.

Additionally, with the wide range of products available on its website, customers are able to purchase other necessary ingredients for making desserts as well as ladyfinger substitutes such as pound cake slices or sponge cakes conveniently under one roof.


Safeway is a popular grocery store chain that offers shoppers an extensive selection of food items and supplies, including lady fingers. Lady fingers, which are short, cookie-like biscuits ideal for use in desserts like tiramisu, can be found at Safeway from brands such as Safeway Kitchens 310 calorie per serving package or imported Vicenzi Lady fingers.

Consumers looking to buy quality ingredients for traditional Italian desserts should consider purchasing their lady fingers from Safeway locations throughout the United States .


Raley’s is a family-owned American grocer that has been operating for 85 years and is known for its fine grocery stores. As such, it is associated with “Where to Buy Lady Fingers,” providing an excellent place to purchase the popular light, delicate sponge biscuits.

In addition to finding lady fingers in the snack section of Raley’s supermarkets, they can be located in the aisle with other baking items as well. Popular brands such as Forno Bonomi Savoiardi, which are available for delivery or pickup through Instacart, Roland Lady Fingers (Savoiardi), and GOYA Lady Fingers Biscuits, can all be found at Raley’s supermarkets.

Not only are lady fingers common baking ingredients, but they’re also widely used as components in tiramisu recipes due to their unique light yet crispy texture and low saturated fat and cholesterol content.

Trader Joe’s

is a popular choice for buying lady fingers due to their quality and unique features. Their imported supplier from France supplies the store with soft, low-fat lady fingers, which can be found in the bakery section of any Trader Joe’s store.

Beyond just being used as a snack or dessert, these soft lady fingers can form an essential part of recipes like tiramisu when combined with mascarpone cheese, also available at Trader Joe’s stores.

With no added sugar or fat, these finger-shaped biscuits are admired for their traditional French flavor while still being gentle on both waistlines and wallets. Additionally, since they’re gluten-free, they make them accessible to those with special dietary needs without compromising on flavor!

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is a great option for those looking to buy lady fingers. The store offers an organic variety that contains minimal processing with a low nutritional value and has a very environmentally friendly carbon footprint.

These pre-packaged organic lady fingers come in 7 oz packages and consist of ingredients such as bleached enriched flour, sugar, water, whole eggs baking powder. They are perfect for making tiramisu or using in other recipes since they are made with natural ingredients and have minimal processing involved.

Furthermore, Whole Foods sells other items often used when preparing tiramisu, such as mascarpone cheese. So if you’re looking for an easy place to find lady fingers with all the necessary accoutrements, then head on over to your nearest Whole Foods Market!

Online Options for Buying Lady Fingers

Shoppers looking for convenience can find an abundance of online options to purchase lady fingers from popular retailers such as Amazon and Umi Kitchen.


Amazon is a great online source for buying lady fingers. Whether you’re making Italian cuisine at home, baking cakes and pastries, or looking to add that special touch to your favorite recipe, the convenience of having lady fingers delivered straight to your door cannot be overlooked.

Amazon offers high-quality brands of both uncooked and cooked ladyfinger in several sizes, from traditional biscotti-sized pieces perfect for tiramisu to larger sandwich finger biscuits ideal for spongecakes or layering desserts. You also have access to many reviews left by customers who have purchased these products, which can make it easier to determine if a particular brand is best suited for your needs.

With Amazon Prime membership, you get free two-day shipping on select items as well, allowing customers peace of mind knowing their order will arrive in time, whatever they are planning. Regardless of whether one purchases individual portions or bulk orders, Amazon could be an ideal option when wanting fresh Lady Finger biscuits!

Umi Kitchen

Umi Kitchen is the perfect place for finding ingredients and supplies for baking. This online store offers a wide selection of lady fingers, including vegan varieties, as well as traditional Italian sponge biscuits.

Lady Fingers, also known as Savoiardi in Italian, can be used in making delicious Italian desserts such as tiramisu. There are several brands available on this platform ranging from Soft Lady Fingers to Goya’s variety, ensuring that you find the type best suited for your dessert recipe.

With ultra-fast delivery services and competitive prices, Umi Kitchen makes it easier than ever to purchase the items needed to make a delicious sweet treat at home!

Lady Finger Alternatives

For those not in the mood for Lady Fingers, Pound Cake, Sponge Cake, and Biscotti are all great alternatives that offer similar flavors and textures.

Pound Cake

Pound cake is a delicious alternative to lady fingers for use in desserts. Due to its strength and versatility, it is particularly useful for absorbing liquid and, as such, can be used in more indulgent recipes involving trifle or tiramisu.

Not only that, but pound cake can be sliced thinly while still maintaining the texture of lady fingers which are traditionally sponge cakes shaped like fingers. Pound cake has become increasingly popular in sweet treat baking as an easy-to-adapt substitution when Lady Fingers may not be available.

Along with other alternatives such as Pavesini cookies, biscotti, graham crackers, sponge cake slices, and panettone, all found readily at grocery stores baking aisles or online retailers – poundcake combines both convenience and flavor!

Sponge Cake

Sponge Cake is a versatile and widely available alternative to lady fingers in desserts. It has similar ingredients, making it suitable for substitution when needed. Sponge cake can be used interchangeably with lady fingers in recipes for dishes like tiramisu, panettone or Margherita cookies.

Not only is it a great substitute for those looking to make their own desserts without traditional lady fingers, but also usable gluten-free alternatives are available as well. The lightly sweet biscuit-like treat has the same texture framework as its egg-based counterpart and can easily mimic that savoring experience.

Find sponge cakes either online at retailers like Amazon or Umi Kitchen or at grocery stores such as Walmart, Safeway, Raley’s, Trader Joe’s, or Whole Foods Markets near you!


Biscotti is an Italian dry cookie, typically crunchy in texture and made up of flour. It’s a great alternative to lady fingers which are low-density, egg-based, and sweet sponge cake biscuits.

Biscotti can be associated with ladyfinger alternatives and is often recommended in recipes as a substitute due to its ability to absorb liquids like espresso or coffee found in tiramisu. Used in several desserts, biscotti has gained its popularity throughout the same years mainly because of its lacking sweetness yet notable crunchiness that brings out character when added into any dessert mix.

They’re also smaller than traditional Lady Fingers allowing them to quickly become part of most dessert mixes along with their considerable longevity due to their dryness and relative lack of sugar content.


Lady fingers are an ingredient commonly used in many types of desserts, from Italian tiramisu to various cakes. There are various options to buy lady fingers both in-store and online. At the grocery store, you can find them located within the snack section or specialty retailer area.

Walmart, Safeway, Raley’s, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods all offer this delicious biscuit for purchase. Additionally, Amazon and Umi Kitchen provide a good selection of brands that deliver straight to your door.

Moreover, there are substitute options such as pound cake and sponge cake which will also work for recipes requiring lady fingers, like tiramisu dishes, but with some culinary adjustments made by the chef due to differences in texture or moisture level.

Lady fingers are a low-fat bakery product with immense popularity across different countries, so consider adding them either as is or some tasty alternatives into your next dessert recipe!