Where to Buy Liquid Death

Liquid Death

If you’re on the hunt for a refreshing alternative to plastic bottles, then look no further than Liquid Death! This canned water company focused on sustainable packaging and hydration needs quickly grew in popularity upon its launch in 2020.

You can find Liquid Death sold online from retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Whole Foods Market, Drizly and Instacart; as well as in physical stores across the nation such as Target. In addition to being budget-friendly ($1.89 per can, or $14.99 for a 12-pack), you may want to try out their original “tallboy” 16.9 US fl oz (500 ml) cans that are sure to quench your thirst with premium mineral drinking water! They even offer bulk deals on Amazon if need larger amounts of refreshment – just don’t forget about their unique tagline “murder your thirst”! Despite vocal criticism and backlash when it started out, Liquid Death has since gained an interesting cult following among health-conscious consumers seeking delicious but eco-friendly beverages alike.

So be sure snatch up one of these liquid lifesavers today while supplies last!

Online Retailers

You can purchase Liquid Death products online from websites such as Amazon, Walmart, Whole Foods Market, Drizly and Instacart.


Amazon is one of the leading online retailers for Liquid Death as the brand has met an important metric used by Amazon to determine when to sell a product wholesale. It is also among the top-selling drinking waters on Amazon with its still water being the number-one best seller and sparkling water, the second.

Consumers can conveniently shop from over 60,000 stores nationwide for their 16.9 US fl oz aluminum cans of Liquid Death that come with its iconic tagline “murder your thirst.” This success in selling Liquid Death through Amazon’s platform caught the attention of celebrity investors who recently secured $75 million to expand this growing beverage brand even more.

With this investment and trademark phrase, we expect consumers will soon be able to find out where they can buy Liquid Death in many more places than just online or at physical retail stores such as Target and Whole Foods Market—where it already exists today.


Liquid Death can be purchased on Walmart’s online marketplace from the comfort of your own home. Customers have the option to either order their favorite water beverages online and have them shipped or purchase them for in-store pickup at any physical location.

With more than 4,000 retail stores across the US, customers can find Liquid Death products within handpicked specialty shops and local grocery stores along with other items in the beverage aisle.

Walmart also provides same-day delivery services for fast and convenient access to one’s favorite hydration refreshments without having to leave their house. Because of these services that provide easy access to its product offerings, Liquid Death has seen an increase in distribution, now being carried in 16,000 locations around the world as a result of its partnership with Walmart through ecommerce platforms.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is well known for natural and organic products, healthy beverage options, local and sustainable food from ethical producers. As a major retailer of Liquid Death products, Whole Foods has expanded to carry the brand of canned water in stores across the country.

The 50% proceeds from its sales will be donated to independent musicians who have been unable to tour due to COVID-19. Additionally, customers can find their favorite Liquid Death products at Whole Foods Market locations with information about nutrition facts and prices.

Together with other retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Drizly & Instacart and Target Stores – Liquid Death is now carried in more than 29000 locations throughout US! Founded by Mike Cessario in 2018 -The company was recently valued 7 hundred million dollars – making it one of the most successful companies off late backed by celebrity investors like Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich & Arianna Huffington.

With helping hand extended from environment sustainability initiatives driving it forward -Liquid death provides an alternative form refreshment that outperforms existing sugary or artificial alternatives sold today.


is an online alcohol marketplace that connects users with off-premise partner liquor retailers and provides contactless, fast delivery services at great prices. It is the leading ecommerce platform for Alcohol in North America boasting a partnership network of over 6,000 local liquor stores as well as hundreds of national chains across 37 states.

Drizly allows customers to easily browse through topselling options like Liquid Death Mountain Water on its website or mobile app and conveniently order what they need right from their phones within minutes.

With nationwide availability, Drizly offers a secure purchased supported by a reliable customer service team and age verification process so you can purchase your favorite alcoholic drinks without any worries.


Instacart provides customers with an easy and convenient way to buy Liquid Death products. With delivery and pickup options as well as a free first delivery, shoppers can enjoy the convenience of online grocery shopping perfect for liquid death drinks.

Searching “liquid death water near me” or “where to buy liquid death” on Instacart will bring up variants like Liquid Death Sparkling Water Severed Lime and Liquid Death Sparkling Water Convicted Melon available for contactless delivery in 1 hour or quicker via Instacart’s fast delivery services – so you can support local stores while also enjoying the ease of ordering right from your own home! Customers can even take advantage of curbside pickup options if they prefer it.

Whatever the method, Instacart offers ease, speed, convenience with their fast service combined with free first deliveries bringing great benefits that make ordering this delicious beverage quick and simple.

Physical Retailers

Those in search of Liquid Death can find it at many popular retailers, including Target and other local stores.


Target is a major retail outlet for the edgy and viral beverage brand Liquid Death. Featuring in more than 60,000 stores across the US, it stands out as one of the biggest physical retailers for Liquid Death.

Target has made itself central to Liquid Death’s success by providing an extensive offline presence that caters to its core demo—heavy metal music fans who appreciate dark humor. By having a solid Instore presence coupled with traditional off-line retail channels, this helps build visibility expand online consumer base rapidly and facilitate rapid growth of sales from customers across demographics.

This strategic alliance between Liquid Death and Target demonstrates how businesses can gain a competitive edge through marketing strategies tailored towards their target audience – in this case metal heads looking for unique drinks like Liquid Death that cater to their individual tastes and catch trends on social media quickly!

Other local stores

Besides online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Instacart, Liquid Death is now expanding its physical presence to local stores. Customers can find the company’s products in more than 60,000 retail outlets including Target and other nearby locations.

As part of their beverage marketing strategy , customers also have access to Liquid Death through many alcohol distributors such as LA Distributing, Dynamo Distributing and Atlantic Distributing.

Mike Cessario founded this brand with an aim of being one of the fastest-selling water drinks on the market –– a goal it’s already achieved thanks to bold branding techniques and unique flavors.


Liquid Death is a water brand that has quickly risen to prominence since its launch in 2019. The unique aluminum tallboy cans, sourced from Austrian Alps, and intimidating appearance have made it an attractive option for health-conscious consumers.

It’s available at many retailers both online and physical stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Whole Foods Market, Drizly Instacart Target among others. Notable milestones include the raising of $1.6 million in seed funding last year followed by its launch into Whole Foods Markets across the United States earlier this year which sent their valuation to $525 million with sales estimated at around $45 million dollars annually.

With no sign of stopping anytime soon Liquid Death looks set to continue dominating the novelty beverage market for many years to come!