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Culinary media jobs

Building a Career in Culinary Media

Culinary media is a very new, catchall term used to describe content available on demand via the internet that specifically relate to food and culinary arts. Focus areas can include artistry, creativity, techniques or...

Culinary Career Comparison

Culinary Career Comparison

In culinary arts and sciences, chefs, cooks, and food service workers of all kinds work together to receive, prepare and present food to their customers. Throughout the United States, more than two million people...

A sous chef

Profile of a Sous Chef

Sous Chef Job Description In French, the term ‘sous’ means ‘second’. In a kitchen, the sous chef is the second in command and plays an important and vital role in the kitchen brigade and...

Three of the Most Profitable Culinary Careers

The restaurant business is exceedingly competitive. Although the industry continues to flourish, the percentage of culinary school graduate is high and growth is slow. The possibility of becoming the next celebrity chef is slim;...

Culinary Career

Guide to Culinary Careers

Finishing culinary school is a great accomplishment – and just the beginning of a long career in the field of culinary arts and sciences. Deciding where to begin can be a daunting and bewildering...


Profile of a Baker

Baker Job Description The work of a baker involves mixing and baking ingredients to create breads, pastries and many other baked goods. It’s slightly different than the role of a pastry chef, which tends...

Pastry Chef

Profile of a Pastry Chef

Pastry Chef Job Description A pastry chef, also known as a ‘Patissier’ or ‘Patissiere’, is specialized culinary chef who is well-trained in making pastries, breads, desserts and other baked goods. Pastry chefs work in...