Where to buy lemongrass

Where to Buy Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a flavorful item used in certain kinds of vegetarian, vegan, and Asian diets. It is very versatile thanks to its ability to be used in a wide array of meals and it has numerous health benefits that anyone should take advantage of. But how hard is it to find? Today we answer that question buy showing you where to buy lemongrass.

What is Lemongrass and What Are its Benefits?

As the name hints at, lemongrass is considered a flavoring herb. It isn’t normally eaten on its own because it isn’t filling enough but it is a popular ingredient used in many dishes to both enhance flavor and provide extra nutrients.

Fresh lemongrass looks like yellowish green stalks similar to celery in shape and size. It has a citrus like aroma to it. While you will probably find it in the vegetable aisle, don’t be surprised if it smells less like a veggie and more like a fruit.

Lemongrass is also used in many kinds of oils and medicine. This is because lemongrass is naturally oily and these secretions are often extracted for use in many kinds of medicinal products.

While lemongrass is commonly used in healthy diets, it is also used as in ingredient in toiletry products or cosmetic products that use fragrances.

Lemongrass is extremely low in calories and carbs and is a great ingredient to add for anyone who is currently on a weight loss diet. It also has zero sugars and zero fat. It has a little bit of protein which comes in handy for people on vegan diets and lifestyles. Lemongrass can also be used to obtain calcium, vitamin C and iron.

Over the years many scientific studies have linked consumption of lemongrass with reduced cholesterol, reduced blood pressure and reduced inflammation. Lemongrass is native to Asian countries such as Thailand. Does that mean you’ll be able to find any for yourself outside of Asia?

Where to Buy Lemongrass

Thankfully, lemongrass is now grown all over the world, including in and outside of Asia. It can be easily grown in nearly all continents, giving health nuts all around the world easy access to this useful food.

You should be able to find lemongrass in any major supermarket. Stores like Walmart, Whole Foods, Kroger, Meijer and many others will have lemongrass available in the produce aisle or wherever they keep their fruits and vegetables.

You can also order lemongrass online from vendors. They offer both fresh lemongrass and dried lemongrass.

If you can’t find lemongrass in your local supermarket or grocery store, or if they are only selling lemongrass paste when you want the real thing, try going to your local Asian market or ethnic food store. Because lemongrass is originally from Asian countries like Thailand, these stores will be a great second place to check if your local major retailers are out of it.

What to Cook Lemongrass With

LemongrassAs discussed earlier, you probably will not want to eat raw lemongrass on its own. It is best used as an additive ingredient. Thankfully, lemongrass is a very versatile dish and goes very well with many different kinds of meals.

Lemongrass, as the name implies, has somewhat of a lemony flavor profile to it. Some also detect a bit of mint to it as well. Thanks to these easy and light flavors, lemongrass can be a great way to improve the taste of your soup, stir-fry, ice cream, chicken, noodles, lamb, seafood such as shrimp or prawns, curry paste, eggplant, mushrooms, tofu, cabbage, sweet potatoes, salads, coconuts and many more.

We would be here all day if we tried to list every single dish or recipe that is compatible with lemongrass, so all you need to know is that it is an extremely versatile ingredient that can be used in just about anything you can think of.

If you’re an avid tea drinker then don’t forget to add some lemongrass to your drink as well. It will make your tea much healthier and give it a welcomed citrusy aftertaste to it as well.

Final Thoughts

The great thing about lemongrass is that it is very easy to work with. Because it can be added into so many different dishes and drinks, you’ll always want to have some available. Lemongrass is such a useful ingredient that you may end up using it on a daily basis! Take advantage of this great vegetable and buy yourself a couple of bushels of lemongrass as soon as possible.