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Restaurant Manager

How to Make the Perfect Restaurant Manager Resume

One of the most essential employees in any workplace is the manager. They are the one who ensures that the staff are working correctly and to their best abilities, monitors and improves sales while...

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Manager Job Description

Restaurant managers are primarily responsible for making sure that the restaurant operates efficiently and profitably, maintaining its focus and reputation, while providing the best possible experience for its clientele. It’s a tall order for...

Culinary Career Comparison

Culinary Career Comparison

In culinary arts and sciences, chefs, cooks, and food service workers of all kinds work together to receive, prepare and present food to their customers. Throughout the United States, more than two million people...

Three of the Most Profitable Culinary Careers

The restaurant business is exceedingly competitive. Although the industry continues to flourish, the percentage of culinary school graduate is high and growth is slow. The possibility of becoming the next celebrity chef is slim;...