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Best Culinary Programs in the State of Ohio

7 Best Culinary Programs in the State of Ohio

While locations like LA and New York get most of the hype, other top-class destinations for culinary study are sometimes overlooked. Ohio is a prime example of that, as it is as rich in...

Top Culinary Schools in Michigan

Top 5 Culinary Schools in Michigan

Whether you know it as The Great Lakes State, The Wolverine State, or The Mittens State, Michigan is undoubtedly a diverse and impressive place—particularly when it comes to food. Home to the 10th largest population...

Culinary Schools in Georgia

Top Culinary Schools in Georgia

Up against the likes of New York and Texas, Georgia may not seem like a famous ‘foodie state,’ but in recent years, culinary business in the Peach State has been booming. This incredible expansion is due to...

Top Culinary Schools, PA

Culinary Schools in Pennsylvania

Called the ‘snack food capital of the world’ by author Sharon Hernes Silverman, Pennsylvania has a rich food history and heritage. As the leading manufacturer of chips and pretzels and America’s chocolate industry hub,...

Best Culinary Schools in TX

Best Culinary Schools in the State of Texas

Texas might not immediately spring to mind when thinking about culinary schools and culinary arts. Many people associate Texas with Tex-Mex food, and wrongly assume that’s what Texas is all about. Americans and others...

Top Cooking Classes in San Francisco

Top Ten Cooking Classes in San Francisco to Improve Cooking Skills

San Francisco is filled with amazing dining options, and as a result, it has plenty of excellent cooking classes. There lots of different options, but if you have limited time in San Francisco, you...

Culinary Institutes in Oregon

Best On-Site Culinary Institutes in Oregon

Oregon is home to a variety of beautiful parks and outdoor attractions. Many consider Oregon to be one of the best states in the country to live in. In also hosts a range of...

Best Cooking Schools in Florida

Top 5 Culinary Schools in the State of Florida

The Sunshine State has a wide variety of quality culinary institutes to choose from. You can enjoy the warm climate and proximity to some of the best beaches in America. The cost of living...