Where You Can Buy Salted Cod Fish

Where You Can Buy Salted Cod Fish

The culinary world is vast and unending—especially when it comes to seafood. This means limitless flavors for lovers of fish, but it can also turn into a bit of a hassle when looking for a specific kind of prepared seafood.

Salted cod fish is one of many examples of these delicious yet quite specific treats that may not always be easy to find. If you’re trying to find yourself some salted cod fish to have for lunch or dinner soon then here’s how you can locate some for yourself.

Where Can You Find Some Salted Cod Fish?

Luckily, the salted cod fish is actually a fairly popular fish in many different markets. Most grocery stores and supermarkets should have some available in the seafood section of their stores.

Like many other fish, cod is most readily available from around January to March or April. This is when just about any seafood section of any major grocer will have some salted cod fish available for sale in abundance. However, you should still be able to find some throughout the year. If you can’t find any at your local supermarket, make sure to ask one of the employees there if they have any in stock. If not, ask them if they are expecting any shipments any time soon.

If popular supermarket chains don’t have any salted cod fish in stock then your next best bet is to visit your local seafood or fish market. Salted cod fish is often sold as fillets with the salt acting not only for adding flavor but increasing the longevity of the fish itself.

The Different Varieties of Salted Cod Fish

When shopping for salted cod fish, you will probably notice that this seafood will be available in a couple of varieties. A lot of salted cod fish is also dried which improves the preservation of the fish.

When it comes to the cod itself, it is typically found in one of two popular types: Atlantic cod and Pacific cod. Depending on which ocean you are closest to, you are far more likely to find one over the other at fish markets and grocers. This may seem like a small difference but it actually has an impact on the flavor.

Atlantic cod is usually larger in size and darker in color. Atlantic cod is also widely considered to have the sweeter taste though not by much.

Pacific cod is typically smaller but it has a more savory than sweet flavor and is known to produce a thicker texture thanks to chunkier flakes.

There’s no way to say which kind of fish will produce the objectively superior salted cod fish flavor – it all comes down to personal preferences. If you live in an area that has access to both Pacific and Atlantic cod, inquire about these two types at your local market or grocer. Try out both, find out which one you prefer and then stick with that one. This is the best way to make sure you always get the best salted cod fish for your needs.