The Best Places to Get Tempeh

Where to Buy Tempeh

Odds are if you clicked on this article then you’ve already heard of tempeh before, but in case you haven’t you’re going to be glad you’ve stumbled upon this.

Tempeh is very similar to tofu but comes with its own unique benefits and flavor that sets it apart. It’s becoming a trendy item and is beginning to pop up in more stores. Does that mean you should nab some for yourself? Should you figure out where to buy tempeh for yourself? No worries as we’ll answer all the tempeh related questions you have.

What is Tempeh?

Tempeh is a dish that is largely associated with Indonesia. It is often compared to tofu due to its shape, texture, and the fact that it’s typically made from soy. It is a plant-based protein dish which makes it a fantastic choice for vegetarians and vegans alike.

While tempeh is often compared to tofu, it usually tastes quite different. Tempeh is made out of fermented soybeans and this is what gives it its somewhat sour taste when raw. How you cook it and what you cook it with will ultimately determine the final flavor of this product.

Tempeh is very healthy and very nutritious which is part of what makes it a great way to supplement various meals. It is very high in vitamin B12, protein and various amino acids. Because vegans can sometimes have a hard time getting enough protein in their diet, tempeh is a fantastic way to make up for this.

Tempeh is also excellent for the digestive system. It has no cholesterol, is low in fat and carbs and has a solid amount of iron, calcium, fiber and many other B vitamins and minerals.

Regularly eating tempeh has been proven to improve your heart, lower inflammation, increase bone health and reduce your blood pressure.

Tempeh contains a lot of soy so anyone with an allergy to soybeans or soy products should stay away from tempeh entirely.

Where to Buy Tempeh

While tempeh used to be a somewhat obscure food in western countries, it has gained a bit of popularity in recent years, partially due to the increase in vegan diets. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find a store, whether it be a major supermarket or a local health store. Any store that sells tofu is almost guaranteed these days to carry tempeh as well. In fact, the odds are that they will be in the same aisle at your local grocery store.

Some examples of stores where you can expect to find tempeh are Whole Foods, Walmart, Trader Joe’s, Kroger, Publix and Target. But as mentioned previously, just about any major chain should have it in stock.

Tempeh is normally located in the same aisle as tofu but different store brands will use different categories sometimes. It can sometimes be found in the frozen foods section or near the fruits and vegetables, or perhaps your local supermarket has a dedicated vegan aisle instead that can be looked at.

If you don’t have any success finding tempeh at any major grocers, your next best bet will be to check any local health stores. If you know of any local health or food stores that specialize in vegetarian or vegan products then you can always check there.

It can also be useful to keep in mind that tempeh is often associated with Indonesia. That means that if you can’t find any at major grocery stores then you can always go to any Asian or ethnic food stores, food markets or flea markets to look for some.

What to Cook Tempeh With

TempehOne of the best things about tempeh is that like tofu, it is a very versatile dish. This makes it a godsend for vegetarians and vegans, especially as they can use it to make various meals more filling and more nutritious.

While tempeh can be consumed raw, this is not typically recommended as it has a sour and slightly bitter taste that most people do not find pleasant.

Because the natural flavor of tempeh is widely considered unpleasant, there are many tempeh brands that give it an alternate flavor. Should you find any tempeh at a major grocery store then the odds are that you’ll stumble upon bacon-flavored, turkey-flavored and smokey maple-flavored tempeh.

If you’re interested in trying out tempeh for yourself then you should know that it can be a great additive for sandwiches, stir-fries, rice, peanut-based dishes, pasta, tacos, burgers, lemongrass and more.

Final Thoughts

While it may appear to be a tofu substitute on first glance, tempeh has a unique flavor profile and different nutritional stats that truly set it apart. While somewhat high in calories, tempeh is high in fiber and protein and low in sodium. If you’re looking for a food item that can finally take your vegetarian or vegan diet to the next level, tempeh might be the saving grace you’ve been looking for all this time.